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Tahrir Square last night …

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… looked like a completely different place than in March 2011. When we arrived around 6 pm a massive platoon shielded the center of the Square:

The enthusiasm and pure joy of March was gone!

Economic problems, strong military presence and uncertainty turn daily life into a daily struggle. We spoke to many people in the streets – thanks to Mohammed Maree our “guide” and translator. As soon as the videos are subtitled we’ll make them available.

Even though it was very frustrating to see all this, what gives me hope is the fact that people are absolutely determined to go for their rights. They want justice, coverage of basic social needs, freedom of speech and human rights. They won’t accept less than everything! They are eager to find the right processes to build their democracy, they are very much aware that religious fanaticism and fundamentalism won’t succeed and they’d do anythng to avoid a military regime.

The stories we’ve heard were very impressive and touching. Bea puts it down to this:

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