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One man’s story: how unforeseen economic circumstances impact on personal decisions in the developing world

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Tom raised some very pertinent questions about the economic crisis and how it affects developed and developing nations alike. One of my friends, Kazim Ali, currently living in Indonesia, has experienced its trickle-down effect on the personal level. I gave him a set of interview questions about his situation when he was in Abu Dhabi. Below, he shares his story with us and relates it to a broader scheme of things.

It’s amazing to hear how certain economic decisions can have such a huge impact on your personal life as you struggle to make ends meet, and also how they can change migration patterns – you’ll hear how Kazim travelled from Abu Dhabi to Pakistan, and then on to Indonesia in search of better career prospects and a better life.

Kazim Ali Bokhari – The Interviewee











Part 1:

Part 2:

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