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Personal Perspectives on Free Trade

We introduce perspectives that reach beyond the quantitative analysis of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Our blogger network reveals critical contentions and personal views about the societal effects of free trade. And there is more worth mentioning in addition to free trade and TTIP.

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TTIP is More Than Numbers

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More and more statistics about the effects of the planned TTIP are being published. But this free trade agreement is more than just numbers. Future Challenges provides a platform of alternative views: more thoughts and less numbers about TTIP. Read the alternative views of our bloggers and get to know personal perspectives on TTIP.

Free Trade Is More than Just TTIP

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Free Trade is a global issue that impacts every region in our globalized world. Future Challenges gives insights into the local views of our bloggers in different regions. Learn more about other free trade related issues. Our platform provides a better understanding of the wide-ranging perspectives on this global issue.

More Perspectives on TTIP

We have other external content dealing with TTIP. In particular, our cooperation with the Internet and Society Collaboratory promotes fresh viewpoints. We also operate a tumblr-blog where you can find current news and blogs about TTIP.