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Juan Arellano Twitter: @cyberjuanJuan

Juan Arellano Valdivia, 51 years old, former System programmer. I worked 12 years as analyst/developer at Minero Perú SA, then another 5 years as Operations Manager at IPSS/ESSALUD. After a time devoted to personal business returned to the public admin as head of collections at Municipalidad de Maynas, Iquitos. I´ve also worked in ONPE, the National Office of Electoral Processes, as supervisor at the Regional Coordination. In 2004, with some friends we developed "BlogsPerú" the first blogs directory in Peru. Since 2007 I work as Global Voices en español Editor. I´ve also collaborated in the "Información Cívica" project from OSI, and collaborate with "Periodismo Ciudadano" and "Distintas Latitudes" websites, among others.
  • Iglesia catedral de Iquitos

    Iquitos, una ciudad en la encrucijada

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    Abstract: The consolidation of a city has around it a number of unimaginable events, that even fail to be counted. Thus, there are such different stories as established cities, built not only from the internal dynamics of its inhabitants, but from outsiders (that invade or migrate). In this article we will learn on the dynamic of the city of Iquitos in the full Peruvian Amazon. It brings together the magic and mysticism given by its geographical location (it is perhaps the world’s […]

  • Troubled Waters: Ecosystem Issues in Peru

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    In the villages along the hundreds of rivers of the Amazon rainforest it is told that at the heart of every river or “cocha” (lagoon), lies the Yacumama or ‘mother of the waters’, a giant boa that rarely emerges because of its size, feeding only on aquatic animals. It may remain […]