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Child Labour in Pakistan

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It was one of our regular nights out with friends when a 7 year old kid approached us to see if we were interested in buying balloons from him. When asked why he was working and not going to school, he shared a heart-rending story of how his parents were both very ill and he was the only earner of the family of five. This shook the ground for me, and I decided to do a series of photographs on “Child Labour in Pakistan.” From that day on, I started noticing that there was a huge number of child laborers selling their childhood in the streets. All these photographs were taken within 2 kilometers of where I live. According to UNICEF, there are 10 million kids in Pakistan who start working at a meager age and never get the education or the lives that they deserve.


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About the photographer:

I am a 18 year old youth activist who tries his best to bring a positive change through his camera. Being a former exchange student to USA, I believe in celebrating the differences and bringing this world to a common platform of peace; where nothing is better or worse but just different.

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