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Concert or Cacophony? Searching for the Foundations of a New International Order

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The sinews of the global order are creaking. The most recent sign of age and obsolescence is the BRICS summit that just convened in New Delhi. The BRICS as a group – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – won’t reorder global politics; as much divides them as unites them. But their determination to articulate the grievances of emerging states shouldn’t be ignored. Against this backdrop, Ting Xu, Brad Glossermann and I have co-authored the op-ed “Concert or Cacophony? Searching for the Foundations of a New International Order”, in which we discuss the implications of the emerging new international environment for global governance.

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The short piece is based on our report “Concert or Cacophony? In Search of a New International Order”, a joint project by the Bertelsmann Foundation and Pacific Forum CSIS which is available here.

Brad Glosserman, Executive Director at the Pacific Forum CSIS, brad(at)pac

Ting Xu, Senior Project Manager at the Bertelsmann Foundation, Washington D.C., ting.xu(at)

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