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Help Wanted. Future Challenges Reader Volume 3

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The third in a series of Future Challenges Readers is published!

Help Wanted” covers the topic of unemployment, a plague sickening many of the world’s largest economies. The subject requires us to think about demographic change (Who should be working? For how long?), education (How do we train a workforce that will endure?) and globalization (is the new “world economy” good or bad for employment, and in which contexts?). It is no easy subject. Our network of authors responds to our central question with ideas, perspectives and stories from France (Craig Willy), Egypt (Sara Elkamel), Hungary (Anikó Mészáros), the United States (Samuel George), Brazil (Julia Averbuck), Costa Rica (Juliana Rincon) and India (Ajinkya Pawar).

This 3rd volume is again published under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. So please feel free to use the texts for non-commercial purposes!

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