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Looking ahead…

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The Future Challenges team is actively preparing for several upcoming events, as well as fleshing out further material for the content package with our blogger network and with our organizational content partners. We’re looking forward to upcoming lead articles with contributions in particular from Arrianna Coleman and Lourdes Gomez, among others, and we’re exploring the idea of lead articles to be written in partnership with organizations such as the Club of Rome, Ben-Gurion University, and the British Council.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Future Challenges bloggers Alexey Sidorenko, Craig Willy, Corina Murafa, Artur Kacprzak, Ulla Keienburg and Aniko Meszaros to the upcoming Global Economic Symposium in Kiel, which will take place from 4-6 October. It’s already getting some press, and we’re looking forward to bringing a new perspective to the reportage that emerges from the conference.

We have the pleasure of welcoming new contributors Monika Kumar in India and Clement Renaud in China, and we look forward to adding further authors to the community in the near future!

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