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Tom Fries Twitter: @tom_friesTom

Erstwhile neuroscientist ('97-'00), rowing coach ('99-'10), business student ('07-'09) and cupcake entrepreneur ('09). Now enjoying international work in the Germany and Washington offices of one of Germany's most prominent think tanks.
  • Future Challenges and Plagiarism

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    As a site that regularly presents unique views from around the world, we pride ourselves on producing original content that is both interesting and informative. We were recently alerted to a few instances of plagiarism on Future Challenges. The plagiarized content has already been taken down or given proper attribution. […]

  • Future Challenges’ Regions

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    You can now access Future Challenges posts from each region by clicking on any of the categories below! AFRICA ASIA AUSTRALASIA BRAZIL CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE LATIN AMERICA MIDDLE EAST NORTH AMERICA WESTERN EUROPE You can also see all posts written in Spanish here.

  • Austerity: Less is More?

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    What can the experiences of people and communities tell us about the value of austerity measures? Have austerity policies exacerbated inequality in our societies, or rendered us all more equal? How do people in different countries view austerity policies?

  • Free Trade: Bane or Benefit?

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    How do the expectations and attitudes of people in different regions towards international trade differ? Do people believe that international trade affects their daily lives? And if so, how? Where do they see the opportunities and risks of efforts to lower barriers to trade?