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  • 9/11 Attacks: Fear and Anger in Nepal

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    Earlier this month, America honored the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. A decade after the horrifying events, the wounds still seems fresh and open. You could see the pain in the eyes of family members, friends and loved ones of the victims as  they tenderly touched the Ground Zero […]

  • The Shadow of 9/11: A Personal Perspective From Poland

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    My story about 9/11 starts quite similar to my colleague’s one from Pakistan. I had just returned home from school when I saw the plane hitting the tower on TV. After shock had passed, sympathy and solidarity toward with Americans were dominant feelings for my family, friends and generally for all […]

  • 9/11: The Genesis of a New Political Consciousness

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    September 11, 2001 began as a normal day; Americans hurried through their routines, heading to school or work. There was little evidence that the events that would transpire over the next few hours would dramatically alter the political consciousness of the nation. And yet, the personal experiences of that day […]