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  • La austeridad del Presidente

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    Abstract: In Bolivia, the forced austerity is poverty. Poverty in a very rich country, rich in minerals, oil and its people, but a long history of mishandling of the public finances has led us to a deeply divided society. Our current president however, gave a different tone to things in 2006 […]

  • Nicaragua Billete resellado

    Austeridad en el trópico: antes y ahora

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    Abstract: Every time I hear the word “austerity” very concrete memories come to mind. I think of Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution of the 80’s, when the government took severe austerity measures in order to tackle the strict economic embargo that the US imposed on the Central American country. These […]

  • La doble moral en el gasto público colombiano

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    Abstract: It is hard to tell if government spending cuts and austerity measures are good or bad to deal with deficits and financial crisis. In Colombia, the tendency to reduce public spending has affected sensitive sectors like education and health. This is far from being unnoticed, there have been lots […]