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  • Cambodia: Development Soaked in Women’s Tears

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    On the November 24th 2011, Amnesty International launched its report on “Eviction and resistance in Cambodia: Five women tell their stories,” in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, where an estimated 10% of the city’s population has been evicted since the 1990s. The report features the first-hand testimony of Hong, Mai, […]

  • The Bootprint of Climate Change on Cambodia

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    Thousands of people around the world celebrate World Environment Day each year with various “green activities.” The global U.N. event to combat climate change has been embraced by companies, locals and heads of state who all heed U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s call: “Your planet needs you.” According to the U.N. […]

  • Cambodia: reform needed to combat poverty

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    Cambodia is among the world’s poorest countries. While parts of the economy are making considerable progress, more than 30 percent of the population still live in poverty. Though the government has proposed many strategies – like the the Poverty Reduction Strategy Program, Cambodia Millennium Development Goals and the National Strategic […]

  • The Rise of Citizen Media via Mobile Phone in Cambodia

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    Mobile technology gives Cambodians a voice, which signals the rise of more citizen media and social activism, reports Chak Sopheap. Mobile phones have gained popularity since 2000 due to affordability and indispensability. For those at  the bottom of the economic pyramid, this has been a boon. Here in Cambodia, the […]