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  • The great transformation – greening the economy

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    During a two-day international conference  in May 2010, ‘‘The Great Transformation – Greening the Economy,’’ 400 international guests discussed how to achieve a comprehensive transformation of our societies into ‘‘Low Carbon Societies,’’ and the ecological remodeling of industrial society. read more  

  • Australia’s “Clean Energy” Future

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    Nothing in Australian politics has caused so much controversy since the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2000. What is it? The recent announcement of a blueprint for carbon tax by Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Although the tax will not become effective until July 2012, the opposition […]

  • Reaching for the Stars

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          It is an underappreciated fact that government, campaigners, scientists and our brightest business minds do share a consensus on one issue; that Australia is ideally situated for a green energy future. Our treasure trove of wind, wave, sun and geo-thermal heat has the capacity to supply us […]