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  • woman in politic of Mongolia

    Mongolian Women’s Participation in Politics

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    With the parliamentary elections in Mongolia approaching next month, there will be more women’s nominations as woman’s quotas for political participation have now been approved by the parliament. Eleven parties are registered to run in the June 2012 elections, and each party will have to try and reach a target of 20% women […]

  • What did we learn from the Ehec outbreak?

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    During the Ehec outbreak in Germany last year, the government was unable to locate the origin of the bacteria for more than two weeks. The British Council‘s panel discussion on tomorrow’s security challenges, last Thursday in Berlin, was the occasion to ask high profile security experts their opinion on the […]

  • Slideshow: Discussing future global threats

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    Three experts came together at the British Council in Berlin to discuss how to deal with future global threats. The panel discussion speakers were Elke Hoff, Member of Parliament, Terence Taylor, President of the International Council for the Life Sciences, Dr. Rainer Wessel, Director of CI3 Clustermanagment. The discussion was […]

  • How to improve our reaction to future global threats?

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    New technology can improve our living standards but, if misused, it can also become a threat. In a continuously globalizing world, there is a growing concern around being able to react to natural and technological threats. Last Thursday the representation of the British Council in Berlin staged a panel discussion bringing […]