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  • Ten Megatrends in ten Weeks!

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    A ten week internship on global megatrends and their interdependencies can only be the first step. Over the past ten weeks I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the FutureChallenges team. I’ve nearly finished my Bachelor’s thesis in political science and my internship gave me the welcome chance to […]

  • Megacities – our global urban future

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    This brochure is a prospectus for one of the main scientific themes of the International Year of Planet Earth 2005. It was published a few years ago but it still provides a good overview of some facts about megacities. [issuu width=420 height=297 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120315104055-9230c72a625c4f08a05624dbd2b9371a name=megacities_-_our_global_urban_future username=futurechallenges tag=cities unit=px id=a86bfa5e-250a-3f05-40a5-f5d0bc50cd8a v=2]

  • Megatrends Are Defining Our Future

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    Understanding megatrends – their characteristics and impacts – is not easy and is made even more difficult by the fact that we lack a common understanding of what exactly they  are. The trend analyst and futurist Matthias Horx provides a helpfully short definition (taken from this website): A megatrend has […]