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  • In Search of Open Data for fc_org

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    The Venue. Source: OKFN, CC-BY-2.0 When arriving at the venue for the Open Government Data Camp 2011 in Warsaw early in the morning, I wondered about the huge collection of old factories that are now used as an office center for smaller startups. The Camp itself was held in an […]

  • Open Gov in My Country – Germany and Pakistan

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    For some time now has been supporting open government initiatives. In our opinion new methods of open internet-based governance are needed if we are to meet the global challenges that lie ahead. The revolutions taking place in parts of the Arab world are only the latest compelling example of […]

  • #OWS – The First Step Towards Real Open Government?

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    After reading this weekend’s blog posts in the mainstream media in Germany, I am a bit surprised at the traditional view of the “occupy” demonstrations of this past weekend. For instance, the headline published by the most relevant German media site – SPON – was “99% stayed at home.” The […]