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  • The New Development Mantra

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    Remittances have emerged as an important source of external development finance for developing countries in recent years. This paper examines the causes and implications of remittance flows. It suggests a role for an international organization to intermediate these flows to lower transaction costs and increase transparency, which would both enhance […]

  • South-South Migration and Remittances

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    By a rough estimate, in 2005, two of every five migrants in the world — some 78 million out of 191 million migrants — were residing in a developing country. Most of these migrants are likely to have come from other developing countries. However, the extent of migration between developing […]

  • U.S. Remittances to Latin America (Spanish)

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    According to recent surveys, every Latin American immigrant in the United States sends between $100 and $300 back home each month. This report highlights the remittance practices of Latin America and their role as a foreign currency source across the region.

  • UNDP: Remittances Help Get Water in Vaksh Valley, Tajikistan

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    In Tajikistan most rural inhabitants don’t have access to drinking water near their homes. This innovative project, initiated by UNDP and the European Commission’s ‘ECHO’ Programme, encourages Tajik migrant workers to earmark some of the money they earn abroad for the installation of drinking water facilities for their families back […]