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  • Migrant Workers Sending Less Money to Latin America

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    Funds sent by overseas workers back to Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to drop steeply in 2009, shrinking a crucial source of cash for many families in the region. Remittances to the region began to slow in 2008 after a decade of growth, according to the Inter-American Development […]

  • Negative Effects of Remittances

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    Last year, the official amount of remittances in the Phillipines reached US$14.4 billion, more than 10 per cent of the country’s GDP. Thus, the country is now the world’s third highest remittance-recipient country after India and Mexico. But how much do the Philippines pay for the remittances? How do natives […]

  • Remittances From The Somali Diaspora

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    Financial remittances from Somalis living outside the country are an outstanding feature of the Somali economy, and have long been crucial to the economy. Today, the new diaspora in the West has assumed a very important role as a source of remittances to family members in Somalia or in refugee […]