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  • Euronews: Tomorrow’s City – The Urban Innovation Buzz

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    The cities of tomorrow are all about minds and machines coming together to create innovations that will change the game. Talents around the world are increasingly coming to Singapore for high-tech R&D. Find out how Singapore is creating a collaborative environment to foster greater creativity with multi-disciplinary talents.

  • Cities of Migration: Marketplace of Good Ideas – Workbook

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    Cities of Migration looks outside national borders to cities around the world, London, Malmo, Auckland, Turin, Hannover and many more, for practical innovative ideas that integrate migrants successfully into city life. Explore our showcase of good ideas in integration across the themes of Work, Live, Plan, Connect and Learn with […]

  • Megacities – our global urban future

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    This brochure is a prospectus for one of the main scientific themes of the International Year of Planet Earth 2005. It was published a few years ago but it still provides a good overview of some facts about megacities. [issuu width=420 height=297 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120315104055-9230c72a625c4f08a05624dbd2b9371a name=megacities_-_our_global_urban_future username=futurechallenges tag=cities unit=px id=a86bfa5e-250a-3f05-40a5-f5d0bc50cd8a v=2]