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  • Megacities, mega-problems

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    Today’s developing Megacities are relentless agglomerations of people, drawn not so much by the promise of prosperity as by the hope of survival. Read more  

  • Risk Habitat Megacity

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    The focus of the research initiative are questions like: What risks, but also what opportunities, are associated with this trend towards mega-urbanization? How can we predict and describe the transformation of the complex risk habitat megacity? Read more  

  • The Megacities Foundation

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    The Megacities Foundation focuses on the problems of the explosively growing megalopoli. It organizes activities that adress various challenges with the aim of bringing the topic of urban development and growth to a wider platform of debate. Read more  

  • Sunga constructed wetland for wastewater management

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    A case study in community based water resource management. [issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111110105430-5fff55ef58ff45c5b0ca83b075e1095a name=sunga_constructed_wetland_for_waste_water_manageme username=futurechallenges tag=nepal unit=px id=abd1f43f-d42e-e73e-bce8-7d0892e0225b v=2]