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Waking up to the Future, Today: The Growing Political Consciousness of Bhutanese Youth

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Bhutan joined the growing number of democratic countries in the world in 2008 when the nation completed its first national elections and the signing of the Constitution.

Five years after this historic transition, Bhutan is a young democracy.

But Bhutan is not just a young democracy. It’s a democracy full of young people.

Media Nomads – Bhutanese youth citizen journalists – went to find the real story and learn more about young people and their views on politics. Do they care about what’s going on? Do they feel like they’re heard? And what issues do they want politicians to address?

Check out this two-part podcast series on youth and politics in Bhutan.


This podcast was made possible with the support of the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy.

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Manny Fassihi Twitter: Bhutan_CMDManny

Manny has been working at the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy since 2011, where he focuses on developing the youth engagement programmes.