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Lourdes Gomez Twitter: @shmershmezLourdes

I live in Australia where I work as a policy specialist, writer, editor and researcher. I am a qualified sociologist and currently completing a degree in law.
  • Fair dinkum, that’s good tucker!

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    Good tucker that’s not Macca’s! There’s an old expression, “you are what you eat.” I used to think to myself, “I don’t get it…how could I be a cheeseburger? I certainly don’t feel like a cheeseburger.” The Australian Insitute of Health and Welfare indicates that ‘a higher proportion of Indigenous […]

  • I’m a size 7 but my footprint is enormous!

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    In reading through the Earth Day article, I decided to google various ‘eco related pages’ and I came across a quiz available on Earth Day 2012 homepage. Then…I probably just took the most shocking quiz of my life, in all the millions and gazillions of quizzes that there are in […]

  • Can we survive climate change without democracy?

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    After watching this video, my first thoughts were, ‘Island nations that emit .06% of global greenhouse gases are the ones that are disappearing…what?’ I think about what climate change means and I start to break it down, it means that our ecological system is changing, are we ready for it […]