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Maria Farooq

I am a self-motivated and hard-working researcher and academician. I am English language teacher and also M. Phil scholar. I am interested in world politics, international affairs and cultures and world history.
  • The Media Needs to Discourage Religious Extremism of All Kinds

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    Why is the call to represent Muslim culture so depreciated? Isn’t this an act of religious extremism in itself in a post 9/11 scenario? The home improvement chain Lowe’s strong opposition to the ‘All American-Muslim’ reality TV show – which focuses on the everyday lives of Muslim-American families – that cause […]

  • Clean Water: A Basic Right – Withheld.

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    Here in Pakistan I hear constant talk of people falling sick with hepatitis C, hepatitis B and tuberculosis from drinking contaminated water. The rate of diseases is also on the way up simply due to the dire lack of clean water. Recently I read a World Health Organisation (WHO)  report which […]

  • Is Pakistan Ripe for a Revolution like OWS?

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    Occupy Wall Street is a different type of movement created in revolt against the capitalist economy which has spawned an enormous economic recession. Although it does not have a direct relation to the country, it seems as if Pakistan’s soil is also ready for a revolution like OWS. Like the […]

  • Pakistan and India: Promoting the Quest for Peace

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    Look at our past: the two-nation theory, Hindus and Muslims, the fire of hatred, prejudice and enmity. And the splitting of the Indian-subcontinent into Pakistan and India. Opposites, binaries, the relationship of polarities. Is it strange to recall that opposites always attract? Can’t we dream of a bond of mutual […]