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Maria Farooq

I am a self-motivated and hard-working researcher and academician. I am English language teacher and also M. Phil scholar. I am interested in world politics, international affairs and cultures and world history.
  • Some glimpses of Skardu City in Pakistan

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    As part of our  coverage on “The New City” we asked our bloggers for some pictures from their cities. Are there any places in their cities that are prime examples for sustainable urban living? But it could also be a negative example in order to show how a city should not […]

  • Lets change the way we look at men and women

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    Why not replace the societal paradigm of man and woman being a contrast to one another to complementing one another? Both must work together to live a healthy life and to form a happy society. Pakistani women are living capsuled lives; experiencing double pressures from society and the men they […]

  • Ansgar Heveling’s Totalitarian Views: Is Freedom Possible?

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    Ansgar Heveling’s recent article and commentary raises many serious questions. Does he or not support democratic society? Is he not supportive of freedom of speech? Does he not respect basic human rights? Heveling is a member of German parliament. He belongs to a highly democratic society, but he espouses ideas that would do serious damage to a democratic […]