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Maria Farooq

I am a self-motivated and hard-working researcher and academician. I am English language teacher and also M. Phil scholar. I am interested in world politics, international affairs and cultures and world history.
  • Ten Years since 9/11 – Re-shaping my Worldview

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    Ten years have elapsed since 9/11. When I think back, a series of flashbacks reels before my eyes. But regardless of the events and incidents that have occurred in the wake of this condemnable act, one question always intrigues me: Is religion, as propagated, so poisonous and dangerous a concept […]

  • The Rising Power of Pakistan’s Media

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    Information technology is playing a momentous role in the genesis of movements for good governance and regime change throughout the world. The Syrian and Egyptian revolutions and Greek protests have been triggered and accelerated by information technology (in all of its various channels) where it has taken on the role of a […]

  • The Bent Given by Education Will Determine All That Follows

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    The sustainability of the educational system is one of the important weapons that will effectively address key problems and global challenges in Pakistan knows Maria Farooq. As a nation we are confronted with global challenges — greater competition, persistent pressures to innovate, new global markets and production options — in […]