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PHD student of Social Sciences at the UNICAMP in Brazil. Bachelor’s degree (1995), and Master in History (2004). Assistant Professor at the History Department of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia.
  • La llegada de Julieta

    Parto en casa: nacer no es una enfermedad

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    Abstract: For medicine, pregnancy is considered a disease and childbirth is part of a surgical protocol. The “clinicalization” of labor involves the intervention of a number of violent and invasive procedures that have been standardized. A process as natural as birth has become a totally unnatural event and manipulated, but […]

  • manifestación en puerta del sol madrid

    La crisis no es contagio: es una enfermedad terminal

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    Abstract: The crisis has not spread, it has not been infected. Rather, it has been revealed in one country and another. It is not contagious as such, as happened in its time with the many plagues that struck Europe. It is rather a capillarity effect of the market. Capital while, almost […]

  • Chamán Guaraní. Foto: Agência Brasil. Agencia Pública de Noticias.

    Mato Grosso do Sul en llamas

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    Abstract: Mato Grosso do Sul is in flames. Kaiowa Guarani Indians have announced in a statement its imminent demise. The reason is a Regional Federal Court judgment that mandating that 30 families leave their territories. The situation has become more serious due to threats by the landowners, and incursions of […]

  • Lo importante es ganar, no competir

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    Lläufer, Sports Museum Cologne by PixelAnarchy. License: Public Domain Abstract: It is not true that in the Olympic competitions wins the best. Usually the richest wins. Well, certainly earns arguably the best: the best fed, the best trained, the best prepared. But for that you need money. And a lot […]

  • Clase de lógica

    No blogueamos. No tuiteamos. Nos tomamos nuestro tiempo.

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        Abstract: For the past three months a teachers’ strike has been taking place in Brazil. The movement has spread and reached 57 of the 59 federal universities.  According to the media, the reason for the strike has been a problem with teachers’ salaries: the government has established a […]