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  • Troubled Waters: Ecosystem Issues in Peru

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    In the villages along the hundreds of rivers of the Amazon rainforest it is told that at the heart of every river or “cocha” (lagoon), lies the Yacumama or ‘mother of the waters’, a giant boa that rarely emerges because of its size, feeding only on aquatic animals. It may remain […]

  • Drought and famine: an insight to the Tarahumara

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    This past January, Mexico suffered one of the most alarming droughts in 80 years. The country is now experiencing water shortages trends, resulting in less food harvested due to the lack of access to water for irrigation. The drought has affected mainly the north part of the country –the states […]

  • Harnessing Bhutan’s Sacred Rivers for Power

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    The other day I was in a taxi shuttling between Bhutan’s capital city of Thimphu and the Paro Valley along the Chhu River. I sat cleaved between two ladies in the back seat and as we passed the beautiful 14th century monastery of  Thangtong Gyalpo, the woman next to me tipped the last […]