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  • Mirar nuestra región

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                    Abstract: In 2011 both in Chile and Colombia massive student protest took place. In the first one the main motive was to obtain from the government the commitment to support and give free and good public education for in Chile every educational […]

  • Empleo en Colombia: el arte de sobrevivir con creatividad

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    Abstract: If I had to describe the way Colombians deal with unemployment with one word, it would be creativity. Labor options in the country are far from meeting the population’s needs, while the government still tries to figure out whether to embrace development or economic growth. Bus-singing, car-watching, hole-filling are […]

  • Misuse of 9/11 in Colombia: A Convenient Political Stick

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    One year after the events of September 11 in New York City, peculiar rumours spread in Colombia that the FARC was preparing a suicide attack with a plane on the presidential palace or the Congress building (CNN July, 25 2002). This disturbing news had an immediate impact on public opinion. Were we close to reproducing the events of September 11? Were […]