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  • Peace March in South Africa

    BRICS Reports: Riding Out The Storm

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    This article is part of a cooperation between Future Challenges and the Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI). SGI’s new study “Change Ahead? Sustainable Governance in the BRICS” examines policy making in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. We’ve asked five of our bloggers to tell us what they think about the reports. At the […]

  • Future Challenges Reader: Work in the Developing World

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    Today we have published the first Future Challenges Reader! The first volume comprises the lead article Work in the Developing World and five “Local Views” from our blogger network. We hope you’ll enjoy this first in a series of Future Challenges Readers. This volume is published under a Creative Commons CC […]

  • Egyptian boys reading Photo taken by Ben Barber on Wikimedia Commons,

    Egypt: The myth of free education

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    Ever since Gamal Abdul Nasser first laid the cornerstone for granting every Egyptian the right to free education, we have enjoyed the “liberty” of so-called “free” education. Nasser had some ideals he wanted to achieve, and he did a lot for the poor and the oppressed – who have turned […]