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  • Photo of a mythical Polish plumber, symbol of Polish labor migration to the Western Europe. Picture by jaime.silva

    A One-Way Ticket: Polish Emigration in the EU

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    Polish emigrants are safe and sound abroad. Government plan (or rather a slogan) of them coming back is a wishful thinking. Why? Poland doesn’t offer anything that would be beneficial for them, as you can earn for the whole year living in Poland just in 4 months in the UK.

  • Politics of Dilemma: Turkish and EU Approaches toward Syria

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    How will the ongoing conflict in Syria affect its bilateral relations with both the EU and Turkey? Will the ongoing conflict in Syria bring Turkey closer to the EU or eventually push them further apart? [issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110706102902-47bb051b7daa405b8838bda9b61cdff7 docname=islam_politics_of_dilemma username=FutureChallenges loadinginfotext=Politics%20of%20Dilemma%3A%20Turkish%20and%20EU%20Approaches%20toward%20Syria showhtmllink=true tag=eu width=420 height=272 unit=px]