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  • The 57 varieties of globalization – where do we start?

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    Day Three of the Tällberg Forum dealt with the topic of leadership in a globalized complex world. And throughout the day the palpable air of uncertainty and tentativeness that hung over experts and ordinary non-experts alike was very striking – regardless of whether speakers were attempting to approach globalization in […]

  • What Lost Identity?: The Diaspora and Globalization

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    Most of the 5 million Palestinians are refugees. More than two million live in Western Europe and North America. They left Palestine and the refugee camps where they were denied basic human rights to find a better life and better economic opportunities. Most North African Arabs (Egyptians, Moroccans, Tunisians, and […]

  • The Bent Given by Education Will Determine All That Follows

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    The sustainability of the educational system is one of the important weapons that will effectively address key problems and global challenges in Pakistan knows Maria Farooq. As a nation we are confronted with global challenges — greater competition, persistent pressures to innovate, new global markets and production options — in […]