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  • Gay girl in Damascus: A taboo ignominy feeding to a white fantasy

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    Biographical blog describing life in Syria amid the current political instability, supposedly written by a struggling gay woman has been revealed to be a hoax. Amina Abdallah Arraf al-Omari a 25-year-old, half-Syrian, half American lesbian living in Damascus documented her life in a blog entitled “Gay Girl in Damascus”, dating back to […]

  • The Bent Given by Education Will Determine All That Follows

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    The sustainability of the educational system is one of the important weapons that will effectively address key problems and global challenges in Pakistan knows Maria Farooq. As a nation we are confronted with global challenges — greater competition, persistent pressures to innovate, new global markets and production options — in […]

  • The Rise of China and the Natural Resource Curse in Africa

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    This paper studies the causal impact of China’s rising demand for natural resources on Sub-Saharan African political and economic development. [issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110509115624-77a653e82b744e7bac224a72b125f381 docname=meyersson_the_rise_of_china_and_the_natural_resour username=FutureChallenges loadinginfotext=The%20Rise%20of%20China%20and%20the%20Natural%20Resource%20Curse%20in%20Africa showhtmllink=true tag=africa width=420 height=272 unit=px]

  • Does Oil Hinder Democracy?

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    Some scholars suggest that the Middle East’s oil wealth helps explain its failure to democratize. This article examines three aspects of this “oil impedes democracy” claim. First, is it true? Does oil have a consistently antidemocratic effect on states, once other factors are accounted for? Second, can this claim be […]