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  • Finance Companies send remittances too!

    We all know that immigrants send money home, but did you know that large corporations and international enterprise do the same? They start their businesses in the developing world and then they leave with all the resources and most of the profits  – though they also increase the socio-economic standards […]

  • The Greater We: Who is the ‘We’?

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    While 20th century promised us wonderlands, 21st century is bringing in a new clarity through revolutions where the greater we knows that a ‘final solution’ is never feasible and there are many ‘we’s in a ‘greater we’.

  • 9/11 Has Made The World a Xenophobic Place

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    For me the twin towers were a distant reality, almost a myth. There was dream shared by us middle class Indians of being there someday, of being part of the select group of global movers and shakers. Don’t be surprised if you see posters of western skylines around coaching classes […]