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  • Nepal: The Allure of Censorship

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    Last month, Maria Farooq discussed how the information revolution can be hijacked and used for unsavoury purposes. Yet it’s not only terrorists and criminals that take advantage of technology, some governments too are  unfortunately also intent on subverting the revolution. The specter of censorship is a favourite discussion topic in online […]

  • Earth Matters: Can India Find a Middle Path?

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    This year will be a significant year for the earth and also for India. February 2nd has the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2012 (DSDS) hosted in the Indian capital while the Rio+20 (the Earth Summit) in Brazil in June and IUCN’s World Conservation Congress in South Korea in September are two other major […]

  • No Toilet! No Bride! Did I hear right?

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    No Toilet! No Bride! Did I hear right? Yes! A toilet might be just a basic facility taken for granted in the western world but it’s quite a forthright statement and courageous demand in the context of rural and semi urban India. And it’s a demand now being put forward […]