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  • In the wake of mass flooding: the uncertain path home

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    Nothing is more frightening than witnessing the extremities of climate change & there is no starker example of this in recent history than the flooding of the desert areas in the Thar and Badin district of Pakistan. As part of a community-based relief organization I had the misfortune to experience this […]

  • Land Grabs and Deforestation in South Sudan

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    According to a report issued by the Oakland Institute, hedge fund land grabs in Africa are a contributing factor to “food insecurity, the displacement of small farmers, conflict, environmental devastation, water loss and the further impoverishment and political instability of African nations.” The implications of land deals in the Republic […]

  • The Next Great Trek? South African Commercial Farmers Move North

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    This paper analyses the shifting role of South African farmers, agribusiness and capital elsewhere in southern Africa and the rest of the continent. It explores recent expansion trends, investigates the interests and agendas shaping such deals, and the legitimating ideologies and discourses employed in favour of them. [issuu width=420 height=297 […]

  • Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa: Ethiopia

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    For decades, Ethiopia has been known to the outside world as a country of famine, food shortages, endemic hunger, and chronic dependency on foreign aid. Despite receiving billions of dollars in aid, Ethiopians remain among the poorest in the world. Our research shows that at least 3,619,509 ha of land […]