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Faisal Kapadia Twitter: faisalkapadiaFaisal

I am a writer/entrepenuer/accidental relief worker based in Karachi, Pakistan in precisely that order.
  • Poor and Female — a Double Curse in Pakistan

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    It’s not like women in Pakistan have it easy, no matter what their financial status is or where they live. They are living in a society that is oppressive at best, misogynistic and downright cruel at its worst. This is why the World Economic Forum’s 2012 Gender Gap Report ranked […]

  • Boosting education in pakistan with public/private partnerships

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    The world over,  education is being given top priority in all government budgets as it is universally recognized as a vital block for building a progressive state. In Pakistan education is overseen by the government’s Ministry of Education and the provincial governments, while the federal government mostly assists in curriculum […]