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  • Sydney Harbour Bridge, by Robbee2010, on Flickr CC BY NC SA 2.0

    Making the move to the city, losing the links of the country

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    Promises of employment and education opportunities have always lured country folk and many women to the “big smoke”. Over 83% of Australia’s population lives in major urban areas, while many rural towns are dwindling in population. The Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (2007) show that more than one third of young Australians […]

  • Nepal’s Mental Health Gap

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    Health care is still a privilege in Nepal. Limited infrastructure and economic and social constraints combined with a lack of awareness force thousands of needy people to forego care. According to the World Bank, the country spends only 5.5% (up just 0.3% from 2007) of GDP on health care. Infectious diseases are […]