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  • Ani Choying Drolma: Breaking stereotypes

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    Gifted with a soulful voice, Ani Choying Drolma widely known as the Singing Nun travels the world, performing live shows of modern spiritual songs. These are mainly Buddhist chants, prayers and inspirational songs about compassion, hope and sharing in Nepali and Tibetan languages. It helps her raise funds for her […]

  • Ecuador: Breaking the Austerity Grip in Music

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      No one knows what the term “music industry” means in Ecuador.  We did have one a long time ago, I think, but it just disappeared because local music couldn’t compete with foreign imports. Nowadays local music can’t compete with them either, even though worldwide record sales are poor and the […]

  • Forró music – an arena for the gender discussion?

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    The musical genre forró is particularly popular in the states of Northeast Brazil, with themes that range from enduring the harsh semiarid land to praising the “playboy lifestyle” through its more recent electronic beat. Relations between men and women in the region arise from the lyrics, and one song in particular has been critical to stress the value of independent working women.

  • “A lot more bankers should go to Heavy Metal Festivals.”

    Here at we usually spare neither trouble nor expense to get you the input of experts, wherever they might want to talk to us … along these lines, please find my interview with Harvard magna cum maude alumnus, former McKinsey- and JP Morgan professional aka the “investment punk” Gerald Hoerhan, author of the bestseller “Investment […]