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  • #OWS – The First Steps Towards Real Open Government?

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    After reading this weekend’s blog posts in the mainstream media in Germany, I am a bit surprised at the traditional view of the “occupy” demonstrations of this past weekend. For instance, the headline published by the most relevant German media site – SPON – was “99% stayed at home.” The […]

  • Bloomberg is quite similiar to Crassus …

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    … says Jeff Hirshorn, native New Yorker. I talked to him at Liberty Square Saturday around noon. He’s been observing the protests from its very beginnings and has some interesting thoughts to share. He compares Mayor Bloomberg with Crassus in Rome, says that Liberty Square is just the “front stage” […]

  • First we take Manhattan …

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    … Do you remember this song by Leonard Cohen (lyrics, video). And indeed New York could have some signalling effect for the rest of the world. Yesterday the rallies swept the globe: in 951 cities and 82 countries people voiced discontent with the economy. Saturday, October 15, 2011: We started […]

  • Cleanup of Liberty Park

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    Friday morning, Oct. 13, 7 am: Over 3,000 people gathered at Liberty Plaza in the pre-dawn hours this morning to defend the peaceful Occupation near Wall Street. The crowd cheered at the news that multinational real estate firm Brookfield Properties will postpone its so-called “cleanup” of the park and that […]

  • Occupy Wall Street – why on FC_org?

    Written by is focussing on Occupy Wall Street – why? For us it’s a good example of what we are talking about – Occupy Wall Street (OWS) gives the correlations of megatrends a real face. It makes FC_org touchable, real! And hopefully better understandable. OWS makes the clash of at least […]