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  • Protest in Rio de Janeiro - 06.17.2013

    Is global complexity governable?

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    For over 30 years now the Tällberg Foundation has offered a consistently fresh perspective and an equally alluring format with its Forum held in the little village of the same name on the shores of Lake Siljan. Far from the beaten tracks of civilization, 300 people mainly from the Western world come […]

  • The state of ‘open’

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    The first session after the opening plenary was a blockbuster with representatives from 17-18 countries sharing the latest state of openness in their countries. The representatives were a mix of public officials, open data activists, NGO officials and citizens. Each had just 2 minutes to present a snapshot of the […]

  • The open field of innovations

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    At the core of the open philosophy is a belief in an equal world full of possibilities – that a good idea, expertise or the right trigger can come from anyone, from anywhere. As the festival rolled on, it continuously demonstrated that this belief is well-grounded with amazing innovations being […]

  • Open Government, Open Knowledge

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    Open data systems are the only way of governance in the future. While Julian Assange caused a diplomatic incident by publicizing diplomatic cables sent by American embassies, there was a big furor. But instead of being illegal, perhaps his act was the first pioneering act to show a future in […]