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  • Mujer, joven, trabajadora y pobre

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      Abstract: For women in El Salvador, living in the city and having a steady job are not a guarantee for overcoming poverty. Thousands of female workers in sectors such as domestic service, and the textile and clothing industry, work for low wages with which they must keep their families. And they are […]

  • Los retos de las migrantes nicaragüenses en Costa Rica

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    Abstract: Costa Rica is not only an attractive tourist destination, but also the Latin-American country with the highest number of migrants in relation with its total number of inhabitants. Most of these migrants are from Nicaragua. Half of those migrants are women and are concentrated in the urban areas of […]

  • “En la ciudad uno es pobre”

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    Abstract: Vicky is a single mother who works cleaning three different houses. She has three children but only the two younger ones live with her in a peripherical neighbourghood in La Paz. Her father is above eighty years old and lives alone in the country near Huari in Oruro. He […]

  • Industria alimenticia y obesidad infantil en Brasil

    Abstract: Today, only in Brazil, one in every three children between 5 and 9 years is obese. Despite the campaigns undertaken by the public health ministry, nothing indicates a decrease of these figures. On the contrary, recent researchs show that the common Brazilian diet is increasingly rich in sugars and saturated […]