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  • Defaming Religion: The New Tool to Silence Opposition in Egypt

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    It’s been well over three months since Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice Party ex-leader Mohammed Morsi was sworn in as Egypt’s first democratically elected, post-revolutionary, non-military president and yet it all feels too familiar. Far from feeling that things have changed since the mass protests of  January 25th,2011 and the […]

  • Indian democracy ailing and under the weather

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    One of the most-touted phrases across the globe – India, the biggest democracy in the world – is also one that is fast losing its shimmer. Though all Indians enjoy the right to political equity, the other rights which include socio and economic equity are still a far cry. So […]

  • Ten Years since 9/11 – Re-shaping my Worldview

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    Ten years have elapsed since 9/11. When I think back, a series of flashbacks reels before my eyes. But regardless of the events and incidents that have occurred in the wake of this condemnable act, one question always intrigues me: Is religion, as propagated, so poisonous and dangerous a concept […]