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Anuja Upadhyay Twitter: anujaupadhyay

Anuja is a social scientist and writer with development experience in organizations like UN Women, Manushi for Sustainable Development and International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) across India and Nepal. Her main areas of work are on gender equity, violence against women and children, anti-human trafficking of women, girls (including children), sustainable development, health and other critical global issues like governance, migration and economic globalization. She has special interest and expertise in writing about diverse issues as a blogger for Future Challenges.
  • Matters of the Heart

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    The rapid economic growth India is experiencing seems to have  hit Indian hearts with a vengance. It’s a hard and sorry fact that many young Indians are now dying of heart attacks  even though this may not make headline news the way India’s rural poor and emaciated children do. The Indian male in his thirties […]

  • Lets celebrate Earth Day!

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    Years of mindless exploitation have led to global warming and climate change with their natural calamities and chronic pollution. We are all responsible for not having made prudent and conscious use of our valuable natural resources. India is not far behind when it comes to environmental problems like pollution resulting […]

  • ICT and Education in India

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    No doubt the issue raised by Maria Farooq in Defending the Global Village is very pertinent to India. The chronology of events over the last fourteen years shows it clearly- ICT has been used as a tool  for numerous terrorist attacks.  But I couldn’t agree more that despite the fact that […]

  • Indian Women – Corporate Divas or Ordinary Janes

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    Do bright colors, festivities, spicy food, heat, dirt, poverty, or spiritual retreats ring any bells when you think of India? And what about Indian women? Exotic is perhaps the first stereotype that springs to mind. Well, the Indian woman is certainly more than that! In a country rife with unemployment, […]

  • No Toilet! No Bride! Did I hear right?

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    No Toilet! No Bride! Did I hear right? Yes! A toilet might be just a basic facility taken for granted in the western world but it’s quite a forthright statement and courageous demand in the context of rural and semi urban India. And it’s a demand now being put forward […]