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I am a Brussels-based European politics blogger and a journalist for the multinational EU news site EurActiv, covering a wide range of policy areas. I was born and raised in France but brought up by Anglo-American parents. I studied at Liverpool and the London School of Economics and have worked in both the US Congress and the European Parliament. I am currently involved in numerous online news and social media projects including Future Challenges, the EU blog aggregator and my own personal European affairs blog Letters from Europe. My interests include reading, writing, history, politics, old and new media, European affairs, transatlantic relations, US and French politics, European Muslims, migration and minority rights, beer, traveling, dogs and dinosaurs. I speak English, French, Spanish and Italian (in that order) and love to meet people in person and across the net. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss projects, collaboration on blogs (guest posts, retakes..), writing for your publication or want advice on EU affairs, social media or life in Europe and Brussels!
  • The New Enclosure Movement: How can we verify abuse?

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    Agriculture issues can often appear quaint and traditional today, when for the first time a majority of people world-wide living in cities and our lives are increasingly defined by ever-evolving information and communication technologies. Yet agriculture is actually at the heart of many of today’s global problems, whether feeding a […]

  • Measuring the unmeasurable: Irrationality takes on economics

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    The GES’s Wednesday 5 October “Thought Lab” involved twin presentations of projects which each have the ambition, in their own way, of taking into account and measuring the more subjective aspects of human existence. The first was David Tuckett, a psychology professor at University College London, showcasing his book Minding […]

  • Libya: Can a democracy survive its oil-wealth?

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    European interests in postwar Libya – oil, sales of arms and halting immigration – are likely to prevail over any humanitarian concerns and sap at the foundations of any fledgling democracy. Over-endowment in natural resources is often a domestic source of dysfunctional and despotic government. However, a “resource curse” often […]