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  • How is Africa Benefitting from Labour Migration?

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    The migration of skilled professionals, or the brain drain as it is popularly known, is believed to impact negatively on the migrant’s home country. It usually involves the transfer of human capital important for economic growth from countries suffering from scarcity of resources or poor working conditions to countries enjoying […]

  • Students in Ghana holding up their e-readers


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    Lack of easy access to educational materials in many of Ghana’s rural communities is a huge challenge to smooth teaching and learning. Coupled with the unavailability of electricity in many places, school work can be as unmotivating for students as it is challenging for teachers. This is a problem that […]

  • Migration in Africa

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    What better ways can African countries benefit from migration on the continent? Migration is the act or process of moving from one region or country to another usually in search of better human living standards. Migration is chiefly caused by war, natural disasters or economics. Africa is a large continent […]