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Mohamed Abdelfattah Twitter: mfatta7Mohamed

Mohamed Abdelfattah is a journalist and multimedia producer based in Cairo, Egypt. Abdelfattah passion for journalism revolves around politics human rights issues. His coverage of police brutality and human rights violations in 2010 earned him the 2011 International Press Freedom Award from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. Abdelfattah has worked for various news organizations including Al-Masry Al-Youm, Ahram Online, Al Jazeera English and CNN. During the Egyptian revolution, he was the CNN team’s producer in the coastal city of Alexandria and helped get all needed information to the outside world despite a communication disruption and government harassment. Currently Abdelfattah is a video journalist and reporter for Deutsche Welle TV in Cairo.
  • Will There Be A Rollback On Democracy In Egypt ?

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    Egypt is currently under official Islamist rule. Following a proud revolution that promoted ideals of human rights, democracy, opportunity, and better living for all, the Egyptian society across the spectrum seems to be at the behest of a ruling force that accommodates human rights in their lexicon only when it […]

  • The curious case of press freedom in the new Egypt

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      A newspaper was confiscated, its chief editor on trial at the moment, another TV channel suspended, two other media outlets being judicially pursued for “defaming the president”, and regular columnists known to be critical of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood allege they have been banned from writing. The much-respected Committee to […]