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Tarek Amr Twitter: gr33ndata

Egyptian Blogger and Tweep, currently doing my postgraduate degree in the University of East Anglia in Computer Science.
  • Morsi’s Seven Deadly Sins

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    Call it a coup, or a revolution, or even a coup-volution, but whatever you call it the truth is that on June 30th millions of Egyptians went onto the streets demonstrating against Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood rule. And that two days later the army could easily remove him from […]

  • Egypt: From Cosmopolitanism to Xenophobia

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    The focus this month in Future Challenges is on global citizens and migration, and how they are changing the faces of  our cities every day. In today’s world travel is cheaper and modern communications enable anyone to learn about other cultures and languages without leaving their own countries. So in […]

  • Molotov, I love it

    Egypt: Let’s play politics not the victim game!

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    Last Saturday, some Egyptian activists went to demonstrate at the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters. They demonstrated by drawing arrows on the street pointing to the headquarters and proclaiming, “here lies the sheep pen”. Brotherhood members then came and beat them up. Now both sides are playing victims.   Each side tells […]