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Kristin Deasy Twitter: kristindeasy

Kristin Deasy is a blogger with Future Challenges. Before joining the Future Challenges team, she worked as an international correspondent for the Prague-based Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a US-funded organization that broadcasts into countries that lack a fully free press. Her work has also appeared in World Affairs magazine, the Prague Post, the European online magazine Cafe Babel, and others. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
  • Three faces of the Occupy Wall Street movement

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    As the Occupy Wall Street movement called for worldwide protests demanding more social equality to mark Labor Day, Future Challenges spoke with three prominent members of the anti-greed movement that rose out of New York last year. First meet Sofia Gallisá Muriente. She helps run the new Spanish-language Occupy Wall Street […]

  • Swimsuits and Sexual Revolutions

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    When I first met her in Cairo, Samira Ibrahim was wearing a swimsuit. Under her clothes. All the time. Ibrahim had regularly joined the 2011 demonstrations in Egypt’s Tahrir Square that brought down longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak, but it was rough treatment by the country’s new transitional military authorities that […]

  • Syrian opposition poster

    Syrian Opposition, Buoyed By UN Vote, Charts New Future

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    Opposition parties that effectively ousted decades-old regimes are now battling their way toward self-governance. Despite throwback by Assad’s regime, Syrian opposition parties are also thinking ahead. Ausama Monajed, senior advisor to the Secretary General of The Syrian National Council (SNC), Syria’s main opposition party, described a plan of action the […]