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Kira Kariakin Twitter: kirakarKira

Kira Kariakin (1966) is a venezuelan blogger. She worked as a communications and creative consultant for energy efficiency and ICT4D projects since 1999 until the end of 2013. Has an extensive experience in publishing (1986-1998). She lived in Uganda and Bangladesh for around 5 years in each country (1999-2008) and has spent also considerable time in Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana and Indonesia. She currently lives in Venezuela and works freelancing in publishing. She also takes pictures, writes poetry, chronicles and op-ed articles on her free time, most of them shared in web 2.0 environments, participates on different cultural activities linked to poetry and collaborates with social organizations devoted to promote freedom of speech and access of information.
  • Semi Finals of the Women's 200 metres at the Olympic Games, London, 1948.

    Being at the Olympic Games against all odds

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        Every time the Olympic Games come round, we think about the inequalities of the world. It seems somehow immoral, that huge amount of money spent on infrastructure, advertising and so on when so much could be done with it for the poor in the country hosting the games or […]

  • Caracas and El Ávila

    Caracas: City of Contrasts

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    On the site, the teaser about Caracas says “Think Blade Runner in the tropics“. This might give you a sense of the chaos, the light and the darkness, and the contrasts of Caracas, capital of Venezuela, and my own home city. It’s difficult to talk about Caracas because more often than not we Caraquenians […]

  • Recordatorio en el día de la mujer

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    For me, the International Women’s Day, more than a celebration is a reminder. Reminder that women who today enjoy education, a career, professional respect, access to services and media, as well as a life without physical or psychological abuse, have a responsibility towards women that don’t enjoy those privileges in […]

  • Democracy, Climate Change and Venezuela

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    The article by Ulrike Reinhard, Democracy’s Green Challenge, puts forword the premise that democracy has failed to tackle the pressing problems of climate change and that maybe – since climate change can almost be qualified as a “war” situation – the solution lies in a more authoritarian approach. This just […]