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Liv Luget

Hi. My name is Liv, mademoiselle Liv to be exact and I come from Nice, France. After I graduated in Psychology & Counselling my friends and I decided to take a year off and do some traveling. I never imagined Germany to be my final destination yet everything happened so genuinely, I fell in love with Berlin the first day I arrived. Now, I am doing my MA. in die Freie Universität on Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience meanwhile the city and its people have been nothing but a great inspiration. I consider writing to be a therapeutic means therefore I have created my medium of madness hoping that it may be entertaining to others as much as it’s for me. Berlin taught me a very precious thing I cherish deeply, sharing is caring ergo dear readers enjoy and au revoir until we virtually meet again.
  • The Common Challenges Students Face When Studying Abroad

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     Life gets really exciting when you decide to move to another country for your studies; yet soon enough reality strikes again. New country means new life, a chance to pull your shit together and start from scratch. However, things are commonly easier said than done. Perks of the past will […]

  • Grand Study Hall, New York Public Library

    Studying Abroad in Times of the Globalized Labor Market

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    As the genesis of every nation’s economic and cultural development, education apropos higher education, is essential thus the investment as much as financial and social is ever-growing. Fundamentally, the rise and fall of a state’s policy regardless of the politics always goes back to the roots and is attributed to […]